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How do I apply human centered design in big corporations?
How can I measure the success of Design Thinking within my organization?
How do I ensure prototypes Come to life as real products?


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I believe that professionals who need to solve wicked problems will greatly benefit from the principles of human centered design. Human Centered Design offers a robust approach that can handle ambiguity and will help you to navigate a world which does not only offer globally connected solutions but equally connected problems.

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Sebastian Rappen

Ample experience across industries

Working in consulting, Sebastian leveraged human centered design to disentangle wicked problems with global top-management teams and delivered design thinking trainings to over 1´000 people. He focuses now on what he loves most: To build a community and improve the way human centered design serves problem-solving in a world with plenty of problems to be tackled.

Customized to suit your needs

You´ll find, that his approach to human centered design is effective, because he developed his own flavor over the past few years of working across industries (insurance, life-science, automotive and banking), honing it to the particular settings of large corporations and dispersed teams. In addition to this he is now bringing it back to the individual.

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